Service Offering

RBS Mortgage Broker Assistants will help you streamline the sales process and make loan processing more efficient.

We have full time staff with
  • 1-2 years experience
  • 3-4 years experience
  • 5+ years
Our Trainers have knowledge of
  • myCRM
  • ApplyOnline
  • Mercury
  • Loanapp
  • FLEX – Broker Engine
  • SalesTrekker
  • And many more

Once hired, they work on your business for 40 hours a week using your systems. Your processes, your way.
(Don’t forget, RBS is here to help improve any systems if needed)

Streamline the sales process

RBS Mortgage Broker Assistants will streamline the sales process by providing broker support. Typically this will involve the following;

  • Dedicated virtual assistant services
  • Managing broker email inboxes and calendars
  • Entering client data into Aggregator software
  • Collecting, collating, re-naming and saving, critical supporting documents
  • Analysis and interpretation of client documents
  • Credit checks
  • Running serviceability and funding calculations
  • Communicating with potential customers and generating leads
Make loan processing more efficient

RBS Mortgage Broker Assistants can help make the loan processing procedure more efficient by

  • Conducting needs analysis
  • Conducting serviceability assessments
  • Conducting product assessment
  • Determining funding positions based on clients objectives and situation
  • Researching lender policies
  • Preparing loan comparisons
  • Providing dedicated compliance services
  • Providing dedicated loan administration
  • Managing the data base and marketing
  • Processing loan variations
  • Preparing annual review reports
  • Tracking construction loans
  • Monitoring pre-approval applications
  • Conducting post settlement communication and regular follow up
Typical duties

Some typical duties Mortgage Broker Assistants perform, include;

  • Ordering, valuations, and special pricing
  • Entering data into the processing systems (AOL/Simpology)
  • Preparing lodgment packs and uploading to AOL/Simpology
  • Submission of applications
  • Following up on outstanding loan conditions
  • Tracking applications to unconditional approval and settlement
  • Managing communications with customers and third parties such as, Valuers, Solicitors, Conveyancers and Accountants.


RBS remote assistants are ‘up to speed’ with all aspects of the Mortgage Broker business, and by applying their expertise, can help your brokerage business run more efficiently and generate greater profit.

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