We are an Australian company based in the Philippines.

Registered head office:

Melbourne, Australia

Primary operations center:

Clark, Philippines

We will work with you to identify your specific requirements. Recruitment services will present candidates who meet your criteria and encourage you to interview them. We choose the best candidates by looking for several attributes including skills, experience, attitude, cultural fit, career goals, and passion. To know more, please see link: standard for recruitment and steps.

Absolutely. We ensure we hire Staffs with excellent English communication skills. English language proficiency is a top requirement. There will be no problem communicating with them.

Please see “service offering” document to see all services that we offer.

You can always choose which tasks you would like to outsource first, then you can always upskill your staff and tailor them to whichever fit your needs.

Our services are not only limited to those that are listed, you can always advise us if there are tasks you would like to add and we can tailor the job description for you.

If you are not sure which tasks you want to outsource to your staff, you can just choose or select all.

Our top priority is to see you win in the outsourcing business and get that work life balance that you deserve. We want your business to grow and be a catalyst for people to exceed. We have completely re-engineered on how you can build your own offshore team here in the Philippines. RBS offers a completely tweakable system with workflows and training modules that will help you and your staff to get everything on track.

RBS is a company that can provide cost effective staff and it’s fully customizable at the same time will give you a fast invisible outcome that will allow you to spend more time with your clients and on the income producing tasks while maintaining or increasing compliance and work life balance.

Our company provides you the most suitable staff to contribute to your company success in just a low cost to start with. You can choose someone with no experience or someone with high level experience that will deliver great value for your company. Yes, we can make that happen.

Both candidates with different level of experience are both in a low-cost fee to start with. If you would like to know more about our services and fees, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 03 8738 3111.

Absolutely, RBS take data and privacy security seriously. The first thing we make sure is that applicants are vetted, reference checked, drug tested and required to submit NBI or police clearance. You need to have dedicated offshore team members that you have selected working 100% on your account.

We have a cloud based data server that will save all your data information. All USB’s and drives are disabled so all your data is stored in your cloud or on your server. We also have a time tracking application that will capture the screen of your staff and will generate a report every week so you can also monitor and check your staff’s activities. Your staff will also only be allowed to be using your provided email address.

Our office space has biometrics, security guards, and USB & drives are disabled.

Yes, all RBS staffs are based in an office which is in the center of outsourcing industry. Our office includes large workspace areas, high speed Internet, power redundancy, canteen, nurses’ clinic, training and conference room.

During certain times (pandemic), staff are allowed to work from home because we prioritize everyone safety. Do not worry, we have doubled our security when it comes to Staffs working from home and we ensure that there are no data breach, or any harmful and malicious activities will be done.

RBS specializes and prioritizes in providing full-time team members.

Yes, we will help you to build your offshore team, housed in our facility. This means each staff that you hire will be full-time team members dedicated to your business success only.

Yes, there is a $990 one-time payment to start the recruitment and it also includes the onboarding and employee training fee.

Our recruitment process usually takes one to two weeks to find the most suitable candidate to be presented to you. Sometimes it takes a bit longer when you need to find the perfect fit. It is much better to wait than to hire the wrong person.

Our end-to-end process takes one to two months maximum.

Remote Broker Solutions will help you manage your outsourcing operations by sourcing the best suitable talent to contribute to the success of your business.

You choose who you want to be part of your team and we will train and tailor them to your needs. We will also support you by providing the office infrastructure payroll and HR support.

Communication is the key to all relationships. Your team members are human too, they are not robot, communicate with them, appreciate them.

We encourage clients to have a meeting every morning to talk to their staff. Just 10 minutes a day is fine.

You also need to be clear as much as possible with instructions with a lot of details. Let your staff know that it’s OK to ask questions. Use close ended questions. Ask them about their career aspirations, check then how do they find their work. Your staff are human too and they also get sick, give them the same benefits as like what you were getting from your country, provide them sick leave, and will leave and holiday leave.

Build the relationship, encourage them to be the best they can be.

RBS advantage to other company is that even if you hire a staff that does not have any experience in mortgage broking industry, we can still train them to cater all of those services enter your needs, but it is expected that the training process will take longer than as to an experienced staff.

It will only cost you less money to hire a new experience level staff but rest assured that they will show value to your company within four weeks’ time.

None, we do not believe in locked in contracts, but if you ever decided to pull out your account please give us a 30 day notice period prior.

Your staff will work based on your preferred work hours/time zone.

Staffs are in the office for a 9-hour shift and work 7 hours and 40 minutes per day a 10 minute morning tea break, one hour lunch break and 10 minute afternoon tea break are provided.

Yes, a staff can use one of your own VoIP lines. Simply notify your dedicated account manager with the login details and your phone line will be installed. If you don’t have a VoIP line provider, we can provide you one but there will be additional fee associated.

We are fully transparent, and we show you how much is directly paid to your staff. Your invoice includes everything that you are paying for.

Yes, we do have a few expats on site that are always at the office Monday to Friday. They are very hands on and approachable.

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