What is Remote Broker Solutions (RBS)?

RBS is an Australian offshoring company that supplies remote workers or full teams of efficient cost effective professionals specifically trained to provide support in all administrative aspects of your Mortgage Broker business.

The end result is a more streamlined and efficient business which generates greater profit, and affords you more free time. This then enables you to focus your attention on priority projects, establish mutually beneficial business relationships, and improve your work-life balance.

What is Remote Broker Solutions (RBS)?

RBS puts time on your side

Remote Broker Solutions (RBS) is a team of remote professionals that help ease the workload and free up your time. In fact, we literally put time on your side, enabling you to:

  • Focus your attention on high priority and income generating projects.
  • Grow your existing business and generate new business.
  • Maximize profit.
  • Maintain a healthy work / life balance.
  • Invest more time in your referral network, leading to increased referrals and increased sales.
  • Streamline the entire loan brokering process, increasing efficiency, and reducing the chances of “burnout”.
  • Develop more productive and longer lasting client relationships.

Extensive experience & easy integration.

The RBS team have extensive experience with commonly used software and are thoroughly conversant with all processes in the Mortgage Broker business. Indeed, it is often the case that RBS assistants will guide your staff and train them in the optimal use of software and processes.

Hire an RBS Mortgage Broker Assistant (MBAs) and you have the comfort of knowing that they will be backed by a team who have considerable experience in working remotely. This means the RBS support services can be easily and smoothly integrated into your business. Supported by our team, the MBAs literally “hit the ground running,” leading to much shorter initiation times, and your business reaping the benefits almost immediately.

Customised support services.

There are many remote brokering companies, but none that offer all the advantages of RBS. For example, RBS supplies a dedicated team of professional assistants who deal exclusively with mortgage brokering.

Here at RBS, we value our long-term client relationships, and we proudly boast an impressive client retention rate, along with a “customised” (MBA Mortgage Broker Assistant) support service.

Each assistant is assigned to an individual broker and works as part of a dedicated team providing critical support functions exclusively for that broker.

Indeed, RBS professional assistants are extensively trained and can provide invaluable support throughout the entire “sales, loan processing, and post settlement stages”.

Furthermore, RBS professional support assistants are thoroughly schooled in all aspects of “Australian Privacy Principles” and “Best Interests Duty”.


RBS is proud of its client retention rate and its mutually fortuitous relationships with mortgage brokers. As a result, we are in a position to be flexible when it comes to contractual agreements. Unlike other offshore companies that try to tie you down with long term contracts, we strive to offer contract flexibility. All we ask is a promise of – – – which is enough time for us to show you how your business will benefit from working with us.

Although based in the Philippines, RBS staff work the same time shifts as their clients and the client determines which areas of the business that the RBS assistants will work on.

Guaranteed Security:

RBS is the epitome of professionalism and our client’s security is off paramount importance. All your customer information and data is handled in line with ASIC, APRA, and Privacy Act requirements. The end result is increased security and peace of mind, along with reduced workload and a better work-life balance.

No compliance issues.

Maintaining compliance in an ever-changing market place has become a labor intensive, time consuming, and costly exercise. As a result, more and more Mortgage Brokers are looking to utilize remote, offshore, support services.

This is exactly where RBS comes into its own. RBS employs extremely thorough and diversely experienced professionals who make it their business to stay up to date with changing market trends, conditions, rules, and regulations.

Utilizing a comprehensive and regularly updated compliance checklist, MBAs will ensure your files will contain documents required for your compliance reviews. This process ensures that all the required information and documentation is correctly recorded and presented.

The end result is elimination of potential compliance issues and peace of mind for our mortgage broker clients.


The RBS Mortgage Broker Assistants, as the name suggests, are solely focused on Mortgage Broking. They form a dedicated team whose support services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual brokerage.

Reduce operational costs.

When you link up with RBS, our staff become your staff, and your company directly benefits. The RBS staff apply their expertise to all areas of your business, including sales, loan processing and customer service. The end result is increased efficiency and decreased costs.

Very Competitive Pricing:

And if all that is not enough, then please consider this. The RBS team of professional broker assistants can be seamlessly integrated into your business at a very competitive price.

In fact, by using Remote Broker Solutions, not only will your business increase productivity and income, it will also save money.

The Team​

RBS is an offshore company that supplies teams of remote administrative assistants for the mortgage broker industry. RBS staff are thoroughly trained and conversant in all aspects of the Mortgage Broker industry.

The company was founded in 2021 and is based in Australia. We have partnered with a strong BPO in the Philippines to give us exceptional people and infrastructure while we provide the training, work structure and Mortgage expertise.

RBS has been started by David Browne and Dean Pascoe. David has an extensive and diverse background that includes Banking, Loan Processing, Legal Advisor (in house for a major Bank), Team Management, and Lending. He is also a part owner and Compliance Manager of a successful Mortgage Brokering Business and Australian Credit Licence Holder.

David has a passion for helping others diversify and grow their business. He also has substantial experience in the Offshoring industry, with particular emphasis on the Philippines and in a prior life Papua New Guinea.

Between the two of them Dave and Dean have over 25 years of experience which means, they and their teams of professional assistants, are perfectly positioned to help your business run at optimum efficiency and profitability.

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